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MARTÍN MACÍAS TRUJILLO, Mexican Visual Artist, and Makeup Artist, graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Pláticas(ENAP – UNAM) in Mexico City.

Prior to his career in makeup, he participated in various expositions and competitions, specifically in printmaking.

In 1991 he won an award in printmaking from the Museo Nacional de la Estampa - Mexico. In 1990 he began work as a makeup artist in the mexican TV network Televisa, participating in various soap operas and other programs at the network. In 1996 he was called to participate in a Brazilian production Guerra de Canudos by Sergio Rezende for special effects makeup.

17 years and 60 films later he has worked internationally, having won several awards in Brazil from thte Academia Brasileira de Cinema, and a nomination for the Gaudi in Spain for the film Lope by brazilian director Andrucha Waddington. 



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